Alexander Jame Fitting Event May 21st - May 23rd
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Badminton Horse Trials 6-10th May 2015
We are once again looking forward to attending the upcoming Badminton Horse Trials. Our team will be on hand to showcase our equisite range of Hunting and Equestrian...

Shooting and Countrywear - Accessories - Hats and Caps

Hats and Caps - Shooting and Country  Wear

Our hats and caps are ideal for your day out in the country.

Arran Harris Tweed Flat 8pc Cap
RRP: £23.50Special Price: £20.00
Chapman Shetland Tweed Cap
RRP: £27.00Special Price: £23.50
Highland Harris Tweed Flat Cap
RRP: £23.50Special Price: £20.00
Kilda Ladies Tweed Flat Cap
RRP: £27.00Special Price: £22.00
Kinloch Waterproof British Tweed Cap
RRP: £40.00Special Price: £35.00
Kirby British Wool Tweed Cap
RRP: £22.50Special Price: £20.00
Wax Hat