Ladies Vintage Side Saddle Habit

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Beautifully styled and elegantly tailored, our Vintage Side Saddle Habit is reminiscent of the Victorian era.
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Elegant Vintage Styled Side Saddle Habit

Beautifully styled and elegantly tailored, our Vintage Side Saddle Habit is reminiscent of the Victorian era.

The ladies vintage side saddle habit is comprising of a singlebutton fastening jacket with a lower lapel break. Narrow double back vent and slanted flap pockets.

The apron is a fuller fitting style which gives much greater coverage around the legs. The apron is then double interlined and then finished with a heavy cloth lining.

  • Available as a bespoke option only, requiring two visits to our showroom.
  • Bodice 'Bones' are also added to give extra shape to the jacket.
  • Please contact us for further details.

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