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"English tailors became the leaders of men's fashions, because their long experience of the subtleties of cloth had developed their skill and they gave style and elegance to the practical country coats and so made them acceptable for fashionable wear."

from The Cult of Men's Clothes 1600 -1900 by Norah Waugh

Perhaps this is why ALEXANDER JAMES welcomes so many international customers, notably from the United States, Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

They are looking for style and elegance and 'the subtleties of cloth".

Most discerning in this regard was HRH The Duke of Windsor. Preferring to wear a belt rather than braces with trousers, in the American style, he had his coats made in London and his trousers in America. The Duchess called this "pants across the sea."

ALEXANDER JAMES pants, coats, waistcoats and side saddle habits all happily travel "across the sea" to their international customers, who recognize quality, attention to detail, good service and value for money.

We are working with a few select companies in the United States where you can view our range and place orders for our products.

Tri-County Feeds etc... -  Marshall, VA, USA.


Manhattan Saddlery - Manhattan, NY, USA.


Equine Divine - Aiken, SC, USA.


Franklin Horse Supply - Nashville, TN, USA.


International Shows 2016:

Virginia Hound Show

29th May - Malvern Park, Leesburg, VA, USA

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