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Lovat Mill, Hawick. Scotland

Lovat Mill is situated on the banks of the Teviot river in the heart of Hawick. Hawick an ancient Scottish border town is not only renowned for it’s weaving crafts but also it’s equestrian connections. Annually Harwick plays host to the renowned Common Riding a celebration to commemorate the times of the past when local men risked their lives in order to protect their town and people. To find out more visit Wikipedia.

The Lovat Mill a long established historic company employs a team of dedicated craftsmen and women who carry on a long tradition of world renowned fine cloth making. Raw materials are carefully selected to bring the correct characteristics to the finished cloth whether they be for softness, strength or resilience depending on the end use for which each cloth quality has been created. Working with these materials, our designers and craftsmen bring together the colours and textures to make individual bales of cloth to the same exacting standards set down by preceding generations of cloth makers.

The company’s reputation for weaving the highest standards in sporting cloths is renowned and many of the fabrics have found favour over a broad spectrum of uses.

Just one of the world renowned tweeds crafted by Lovat is the Ettrick Sporting Tweed.
The Ettrick Sporting Tweed has long been a favourite tweed of dedicated sportsmen and women. The cloth is renowned for its richly coloured mixture yarns, tightly twisted and woven firmly to give excellent performance in use. The Ettrick employs only the highest quality wools and has been given a showerproof finish to enhance it’s performance in the field.

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